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Artis Indonesia Bugil Dan Cantik is an Informational Webpage about Indonesian Celebrities. For many Indonesian Citizens in the US we are the sole source of information on society events in there homeland. You will find excessive information and reviews on the latest gossip and society events in Indonesia on this page.
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Model Complex magazine Michelle Trachtenberg

Model Michelle Trachtenberg
Model Michelle Trachtenberg because I don’t normally find her all that attractive, but there’s something about these pictures of her on the cover of Complex magazine that’s making my one eyed trouser trout poke it’s head to the surface.

Celebrity Hayden Panettiere

Celebrity Hayden Panettiere
Celebrity Hayden Panettiere to at least try to wear a somewhat see through dress to the screening of some HBO movie I’ve never heard of, but it didn’t quite work out as I had hoped. She still looks hot enough to stuff in a backpack and take home with me, cause she’s so little and that’s what you do with little people…. Put them in backpacks to transport them otherwise it would take too long walking because of their little legs and feet.

Kim Kardashian Wins Halloween

Kim Kardashian (and her massive cleavage) wins best Halloween costume. No matter what you tihnk about how useless and irrelevant she is, you've got to admit she looks pretty hot in that Jasmine costume from Disney's Aladin. In fact, aside from the ridiculously tiny waste of the animated version, she looks practically identical to the cartoon charater. If you think about it, it's actually pretty scary. So I guess that means Kim Kardashian wins both hottest, and scariest Halloween costume.

Rachael Taylor Bikini Pictures from Splinterheads

Remember Rachael Taylor. She was the blonde Australian hottie in the first Transformers movie. You know, the one who's storyline was never resolved because Michael Bay is a terrible director. Anyway, she's filming a new movie called Splinterheads, and while I don't know anything about it, I do know she wears a bikini in it, and that she looks amazing. So there you go.

Ashley Greene's Hot Maxim Cover

Ashley GreeneAshley Greene is on the cover of Maxim magazine again for their December 2009 issue. She was also in the December 2008 issue. I guess that's a little bit of a coincidence, or something, but I really bring it up because there are only two pictures of her new photoshoot out right now, and I needed to pad this post out a little bit. Good thing those pictures of Ashley from last year's issue are also really hot.